Have you ever felt lost?

Standing somewhere in a foreign land, while waiting for the driver of your hotel taxi, you are not able to tell the street name you are standing at.

Current Location at your tips

SkyGo for rescue, just launch the app and tap the option, and the app will tell you your current location.

Specially Useful for travelers

Saves you a lot of time and headache. You would be tempted to use it in your home country too.

Have a dead SIM?

Recharging your local SIM in a foreign land is a pain... more often than not, your balance is over before you know and finding the recharge kiosks in another issue

Recharge on your fingertips

SkyGo lets you recharge your SIM card online within the app. Just select a plan and hit the recharge button. Payment through Paypal.

Especially useful for business travelers

Business travelers are short on time and high on conversations. Having a reliable backend service makes you confident in front of the clients.

Every needs an Uber & Food

Searching for a fair price taxi should be a right. We hate haggling with the taxi drivers and more often than not crave something nice to eat.

SkyGo brings the utilities to you

Find the names and links of relevant providers right inside your SkyGo app. We are working hard to integrate with more and more services.

You would love the level of help

No matter for how long or how short you are traveling, you tend to miss a utility at some point. You'd love the SkyGo at those times.

Calling overseas is expensive!

No matter what people say, calling overseas is tough on the wallet. Thank God for VOIP, but most apps are finicky especially when working in an alien country.

SkyGo provides the most dependable solution

SkyGo provides the most dependable VOIP solution as it incorporates the specialists in the backend. Along with a great dialler, you'd be connected in seconds.

Saves money with every call

Save yourself not just some frustration but also a lot of money looking for cost-effective and reliable VOIP calling solution. You'd be happy you
found us.